May 6, 2018

Tips and Links

If you plan on visiting Russia on your own or are still wondering whether to take a pilgrimage or a trip there, feel free to check on what is offered by these excellent English-language service companies.

One is a pilgrim tour operator run by an Orthodox priest and another a rural Russia’s unique tourist project owned by the Anglo-Saxon-Russian family.

There is still a shortage of viable English-language info-sources about Orthodoxy. However, we will attempt to offer you what is among the most useful and valuable ones in your search for ideas about your future pilgrimage to Russia.

Here is a National Tourism Portal, to give you some idea what the country has to offer.

Luckily, FIFA World Cup is coming to Russia this year, and they have energized the English-language landscape with the useful articles about a few of Moscow churches and monasteries.
Have a look at these beautiful Christian sites that our capital has in store for its guests:

Sacred Sites of Russia

Since the Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra at Sergiev Posad is the spiritual heart of Orthodox Russia, you may find the story about it repeating on almost every website about Orthodoxy.

Our hope is to collect information and offer insight about other distant and lesser-known Orthodox monasteries and shrines in the future.

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