March 30, 2018

About the Project

This project Way of a Pilgrim was established to offer pilgrimage tours and serve as a link between the English-speaking pilgrims and Russian-language resources about pilgrimage and travel to Russia.

Our vision is to become a Christian missionary guide and an Orthodox pilgrim company, all in one. We will devote ourselves to fill in the informational void left on the web for the English-language resources about the Christian travel and pilgrimage to Russia.

Our mission is to bring forward the idea that Christianity is not dead but it continues to flourish in Russia under the auspices of the Orthodox Church of Russia. We invite our fellow Christians from other countries to come taste the richness of the One Holy Universal and Apostolic Church to themselves.

Our goal is two-fold:

  • Via our pilgrimage itineraries, provide our English-speaking pilgrims and travelers with the first-hand account of Christian Russia. We invite them to “see, feel and touch” the life in Christ as it is happening right now, be it at a famous Moscow monastery or inside a remote village church. We will show the living examples of faith in the Russian churches, parishes, and monasteries.
  • Via our website, create a database of resources on pilgrim travel and offer a platform for a respectful and enlightened dialogue between Christians (including those interested in the Christian faith and Orthodoxy) on issues ranging from pilgrimage travel tips to survival in the post-Christian world.

One may wonder why our company chose Way of a Pilgrim as its name. At the project’s inception, the founders, in a customary Orthodox way, sought spiritual guidance from the monastics as for what direction the project should take. During that meeting, this name suddenly came up as a suggestion. Since the suggestion was creative, meaningful and well-known to our future customer base, we prayerfully, wholeheartedly and willingly accepted our new name. 

Its meaning, in a slightly shortened version of a namesake book, perfectly captures our idea of presenting the best of Orthodox Russia to our pilgrims from within and goes hand in hand with the desire to cut a deeper path towards Christ. “The Way of a Pilgrim” is a well-known book by an unknown Russian author about a 19th century pilgrim, a wanderer of Christ, who describes his own spiritual life and explains how to acquire the habit of unceasing silent prayer of the heart,.

Here is a great little introduction to the book, courtesy of We do genuinely hope our wanderings in search of Christ will lighten up our paths in this gloomy world.

The Way of a Pilgrim: a Russian Orthodox Hermit’s Path

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