March 30, 2018

About us

What happens when two Orthodox women in search of fulfillment of lifetime goals and spiritual direction meet one another? In the case of one given business idea, it created a mutual bond of two kindred hearts and desire to build this business together.

We met at a remote skete (where one of us had her own father residing as a priestmonk, elevated before his passing to a rank of a hieromonk in Great Schema *). It so happened that the abbot of the skete liked our idea of a pilgrimage project and gave his blessing to us and out joint work at our creative endeavor.

*A note about the father is quite meaningful since it was thanks to his guidance years ago that one of us finally took on this journey and began working at this project.

We will strive to build and develop it faithfully, with honesty and firm belief in our deep-held values as Christians.

Lyubov Ambrose Evgenia Sitar

Lyubov Ambrose

One of us, a mother of one cute US-born teenage girl and an Orthodox translator, was living in the US at the time, but her spiritual eyes remained solidly set on her beloved Russia. This is where she hoped to work one day on some kind of a Orthodox Christian project.

Evgenia SitarAnother, an economist and tourism industry specialist and a mom to three beautiful girls, from the Moscow city suburbia, has been daydreaming to quit her yawn-full day job and start her own tour operating business.

What we seek to offer here is offering Russia-based, English language pilgrim resource tool. It is geared for pilgrims and travelers interested in Russian Orthodox life from the English-speaking world and our fellow English-speaking Russians.

Keep on reading, ask us questions, write for us and, simply – our heartfelt thanks for checking us out!

We are looking forward to assist you with any questions concerning planning the pilgrimage itineraries, choosing destinations, and generally offering a friendly guiding hand in planning a pilgrim’s journey to Russia. There is no better way to explore the most ancient Christian faith than visiting the country where it is still alive and flourishing so abundantly.

Lyubov and Evgenia

May 2019 update on our team: we have two amazing Batiushkas joining as the project’s advisors and mentors, Fr. Alexei  I. from Yasenevo (Moscow)  and Fr. Alexei K. from Sergiev Posad.

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